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Root canal treatment

Our beliefs…

“Maintaining the natural beauty of your teeth with an all-white smile.”

By offering the principle of treatment as above, at Lina Dental Clinic, we use  treatment in order to ensure your teeth last lifelong.

“Happy smile – Happy life”

“Your smile will give you a positive countenance that will make people feel comfortable around you” (Les Brown). All-white teeth brings you a beautiful and happy smile, no doubt about it. We do understand that!

With an extensive experience in cosmetic dentistry, we spend all effort to bring strong and white teeth that light up your face with a beautiful smile.

“We want our customers feel at home at Lina Dental Clinic”

Trust me! Every single minute you spend with us, you woud be carefully listened and consulted the most optimal and efficient treatment. Above all, quality is the key point assessing our success.

Lina Dental Clinic

Why choose us?

Sincerity, professionalism
and responsibility


Multiple language:
Vietnamese, English, and Russian

Information exchange, listening,
and sincere consultation

standardized quality

Maintenance and monitoring
of patients after treatment

Complete disinfection
and sterilization

All necessary licenses and
specialized certificates granted

Success Stories

Patient 5_after
Patient 5_before
Correct position of too angulated tooth
  • Client don't have time for ortodonthic treatment
  • 4 Cercon HT crowns was made for anterior teeth
Patient 4_before
Close big gap between teeth
  • Client don't want ortodontic treatment, because it's time consuming and less aesthetically pleasing.
  • Was made 4 Cercon crowns.
Patient 2_before
Patient 2_after
PFM crowns
  • Client don't like color and shape of her natural tooth.
  • Was made 10 PFM crowns on upper and 10 PFM crowns on lower.
  • Using PFM crowns (Cr-Co).
Patient 1_before
Patient 1_after
6 Cercon HT crowns on anterior teeth
  • Tooth 2.2 root canal treatment
  • Post and core
  • 6 Cercon HT crowns on anterior teeth
Cercon HT

Client wants to change his upper teeth: make them white and straight.

  • Almost all upper front teeth were root canal treated in past. Except 1 left canine, this tooth was root canal treated too.
  • Patient was done 10 all ceramic Cercon HT crowns on the upper and 1 crown on the lower.
  • Root canal treatment 2 tooth.
  • All teeth were prepared for all ceramic Cercon HT crowns (High Translucency).

Duration of work: 1 week.

Implant and treatment

Incidentally, a Russian client based in Thailand had found us and left behind a deep impression when he was under treatment.

  • Implant 2 left mandibular teeth.
  • Cercon crown and Bridge 23 teeth.
  • Medullary treatment 2 teeth.

The duration of treatment was 3 months (including pending time for implantation)

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