Price in Vietnamese Dong (VND). The price does not include VAT. Please, add 10% when issuing VAT invoice


Crown & bridge

PFM crown (Ni-Cr)1.700.000/tooth
PFM crown (Cr-Co)2.700.000/tooth
PFM Crown Titan2.700.000/tooth
Zirconia crown5.000.000/toothMaterials produced in France or Germany.
Cercon crown5.200.000/toothMade in Dentsply – Germany.
Cercon HT crown6.200.000/toothMade in Dentsply – Germany.
Emax crown6.000.000/tooth
Zirconia (Lava, 3M)6.500.000/tooth
Onlay Ceramic3.700.000/unit
Onlay Co-Cr1.200.000/unit
Onlay nano composite2.500.000/tooth
Onlay Nano Vita Enamic3.700.000/tooth
Veneer Nano Vita Enamic5.200.000/tooth
Nano Vita Enamic crown6.200.000/tooth
Fix old crown300.000/tooth
Post and core1.000.000/tooth
Zirconia post2.400.000/tooth
Mock up for veneer1.000.000


Whitening at office2.500.000/timeWithout laser lamp. Plus 1 tube and pair capa for whitening at home.
Gel for whitening400.000/tube
Tray for whitening400.000/pair


Composite filling600.000/tooth
Class II cavity700.000/tooth
Composite veneer1.200.000/tooth
Direct restovartion1.200.000/tooth
Filling for primary tooth300.000/tooth

Surgery & extraction

Extraction upper wisdom tooth type 11.500.000/tooth
Extraction upper wisdom tooth type 22.000.000/tooth
Extraction lower wisdom tooth2.000.000/tooth
Extraction lower wisdom tooth with 45°2.500.000/tooth
Extraction lower wisdom tooth with 90°3.000.000/tooth
Extration of moving tooth500.000/tooth
Normal extraction1.000.000/tooth
Difficult extraction1.500.000/tooth
Root extraction300.000/tooth
Milk tooth extraction without anesthesia100.000/tooth
Milk tooth extraction with anesthesia300.000/tooth


Implant Dentium - Korea18.000.000/Implant (about $783)Include implant with PFM crown Ni-Cr
Implant Tekka - France25.000.000/Implant (about $1087)Include implant with PFM crown Ni-Cr
Implant Straumann - Switzerland34.000.000/Implant (about $1478)Include implant with PFM crown Ni-Cr
Implant Nobel Biocare – USA31.000.000/Implant (about $1348)Include implant with PFM crown Ni-Cr
Bone graft 0,5 cc4.000.000Botiss - Germany
Bone graft 1,0 cc5.000.000Botiss - Germany
Collagen membrane 15x25 mm5.000.000Tekka - France
Collagen membrane 15x20 mm5.500.000Botiss - Germany
Sinus lifting4.500.000/tooth
Surgical guide for Implant1.500.000

Root canal treatment (RCT) & Periodontal treatment

RCT tooth with 1 root canal1.000.000/toothPrice without filling.
RCT tooth with 2 root canal1.200.000/toothPrice without filling.
RCT tooth upper/lower molar1.700.000/toothPrice without filling.
Metall post and core500.000/tooth
Root canal retreatment +200.000/toothPlus 200.000 in price root canal treatment.
Crown lengthening procedure1.500.000/tooth
Cleaning and polishing moderate type400.000/2 jaws
Cleaning and polishing severe type600.000/2 jaws
Periodontal pocket cleaning500.000/tooth
NaF Varnish after prof. cleaning100.000/timeFor adult. Using NaF Varnish
Pit and fissure sealant300.000/tooth
Preventive care for children (under 6 year)100.000/timeUsing NaF Varnish

Removable denture

Arcylic teeth (Vietnam)100.000/tooth
Acrylic tooth Justy (USA)300.000/tooth
Composite teeth500.000/tooth
Ceramic teeth1.000.000/tooth
Soft arcylic denture3.700.000/jaw
Denture removable (Cr-Co)3.500.000/jaw
Removable upper (or lower) denture full7.000.000/jawPrice with arcylic teeth (Vietnam). 16 teeth

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