Success Stories

Close big gap between teeth

  • Client don’t want ortodontic treatment, because it’s time consuming and less aesthetically pleasing.
  • Was made 4 Cercon crowns.

PFM crowns

  • Client don’t like color and shape of her natural tooth.
  • Was made 10 PFM crowns on upper and 10 PFM crowns on lower.
  • Using PFM crowns (Cr-Co).

Cercon HT

Client wants to change his upper teeth: make them white and straight.

  • Almost all upper front teeth were root canal treated in past. Except 1 left canine, this tooth was root canal treated too.
  • Patient was done 10 all ceramic Cercon HT crowns on the upper and 1 crown on the lower.
  • Root canal treatment 2 tooth.
  • All teeth were prepared for all ceramic Cercon HT crowns (High Translucency).

Duration of work: 1 week.

Implant and treatment

Incidentally, a Russian client based in Thailand had found us and left behind a deep impression when he was under treatment.

  • Implant 2 left mandibular teeth.
  • Cercon crown and Bridge 23 teeth.
  • Medullary treatment 2 teeth.

The duration of treatment was 3 months (including pending time for implantation)

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