Health examination and treatment by health insurance at Lina Dental Clinic

In order to meet the needs of health examination by insurance, at Lina Dental Clinic, customers can now use insurance cards to pay for medical treatment and fully enjoy the insurance policy besides the way of receiving invoices and treatment records to self-check with the insurance company.

Lina Dental Clinic is pleased to cooperate with Insmart Company Limited (Insmart Insurance) and FTC Claims Company Limited (FTCClaims) to provide medical examination and treatment services at Lina Dental Clinic by Health Insurance card.

Acceptable insurance cards are those issued by Insmart Insurance, FTC Claims or other insurance companies which link with Insmart Insurance, FTC Claims. Customers can check their insurance card by looking on the card with the Insmart, FTC Claims logo or inscription: “Tư vấn bảo lãnh viện phí” or “Dịch vụ bảo lãnh viện phí”.

Some types of insurance cards issued by Insmart Insurance & FTC Claims or its joint venture companies:

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